Our Training Approach

Iron sharpens iron. Be sure your blade is always ready.

Continuing Education

We provide training for basic, intermediate and advanced levels of skill and experience, to meet professional requirements and expand horizons.

Latest Developments, Emerging Trends

Current events may sometimes cause us to take new insight with a fresh set of eyes, to adjust our course. We provide updates and perspective on the most pressing recent issues in the field.

Technical Guidance

Professional standards can be updated, superseded or become obsolete, over time. And the subject matter may be complex. In working with specific, relevant standards on a daily basis, we distill esoteric concepts into digestible chunks of common-sense, everyday language and succinct, coherent outlines and summaries.

War stories from the trenches

With every presentation, we provide applicable examples and illustrations from actual casework, to drive the point home.

Topics & Titles

Something to talk about

Below are topics and titles of presentations made, which are available to be tailored for your specific audience.

Welcome to the Dark Side (of Forensic Accounting)

From the Case Files of a Forensic Accountant: Horror Stories and Lessons Learned

Cracking the Case: Fraud Detection and Prevention

Successful Accounts Payable Fraud Busting Strategies

Internal Controls versus Internal Fraud

White Collar Crime: Profiling, Prevention, and Pursuit

The Inside Job: Fraud in Small Businesses

Understanding Fraud is the Key to Stopping It

Profiling the White-Collar Criminal

Legal and Regulatory Considerations of White Collar Crime

Forensic Accountants: CSI for White Collar Crime

Payables and Procurement Fraud: An Overview

Occupational Fraud: A Criminal Statute Perspective

Welcome to the Dark Side of Accounting

Recognition, Prevention and Investigation of Occupational Fraud

Commentary on Financial Aid Fraud

Shell Companies and Corporate Identity Theft

Overview of Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting

Fraud Examination 101

Using Controls to Mitigate Fraud Risks

Accounting for Lawyers and Litigators

Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting

The Weakest Link: Fraud and White-Collar Crime

Creating Effective Forensic Accounting Working Papers

The World of Internal Auditing: Re-defining and Re-inventing Today’s Internal Auditor


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