About Intelligence Services

Global strategy.
Local touch.

Intelligence, Stateside and Abroad.

As a licensed private investigations firm, we have a connected network of professionals, as well as access to proprietary databases and information, not publicly available or aggregated. With these resources of applied knowledge and information, our services include:

  • Profiling International Threats
  • Corporate / Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Specialized Global Services
  • Treasury Management Services
  • Technology Development

What We Do

Threats by Foreign

Profiling International Threats

We have provided consulting and advisory services, to counter the threats posed by foreign nation-states, including:

  • Theft of trade and military secrets (intellectual property) by foreign, adversarial governments
  • Cybercrime by foreign nationals, and supported by foreign threat organizations
  • Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
  • Terrorism Funding / Counter Threat Finance (CTF)
  • Homeland Security Key Performance Indicators

Unsurpassed expertise

In an advisory and alliance capacity with former Federal agents with specialized experience in counterintelligence, counterterrorism, homeland security operations and organized crime investigations, we offer Enterprise Risk Management Services, along with additional Special Services.

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Cybersecurity & Cyber Insurance (Network Protection, Endpoint Protection, Employee Monitoring, Advisory Services: Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Training)
  • Crisis Management
  • Insider Threat & Corporate Espionage

Special Services

  • Treasury Services / Audit Resolution Programs
  • Customized Technology Development
  • Training & Compliance
  • Specialty Air Transport
  • Global Human Location Services


Intelligence wins

Below are selected case experience examples, related to our past Intelligence Analysis. For additional case experience, please refer to Forensic, Investigation, Expert Witness and Risk / Controls.

Cybercrime by Foreign Nationals

Cybercrime by Foreign Nationals

Distinguishing between legal (Activist) and illegal (Hactivism, Criminal, Terrorist, Nation-State) cyber activities, analyzed the threat / motivation spectrum from Social (Activism, Hacktivism) to Criminal (Crime, Insider, Espionage) to Nation-State (Espionage, Terrorism, Warfare).

Theft of Trade & Military Secrets / Intellectual Property

Theft of Trade & Military Secrets / Intellectual Property

Identification and attribution of Threat Actors and Victim Actors (Who), along with the Attitude (Why), Access / Approach / Avenue (How), Asset at Risk (What) and Arena (Where, When). Provided indicators of Perpetration, Detection and Prevention.

WMD Proliferation

WMD Proliferation

Connected similar modus operandi between money laundering and WMD Proliferation with sanctioned nations and products, within relevant statutes such as the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and UN Security Council Regulations (UNSCR).

Terrorism / Threat Finance

Terrorism / Threat Finance

Identified methods of financing terrorist operations, as well as logistics and related problems faced by terrorist organizations. Provided recommended solutions, as well as countermeasures, monitoring and detection, through surveillance, data analytics and metrics.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security

For a domestic Homeland Security Department, identified and assessed Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Success Factors (KSF). Provided recommendations for monitoring and improvement.