About Sawyer Investigations

Know the answers to some questions, before asking them.

Sawyer & Company is a Private Investigations Firm, licensed in Georgia (PDC License 002635).

We pull back the curtain and peel the onion, to reveal what story the underlying data and information tell us.

We have performed hundreds of investigative interviews, in both criminal prosecution and civil litigation – after we have done our homework, preparing the right questions to ask. And interaction with the interviewee hinges heavily on the ability to listen to responses, adjusting the interview accordingly, where necessary.

What We Do

Do your homework.
Then run all the leads to ground.

Before we interview the subject of an investigation, we perform background research first. As a licensed private investigations firm, we have access to proprietary, aggregated databases that are not available to the general public. Below are a just a sample of data we find in the preliminary background check.

Biographic Data

Names, aliases, SSN, addresses, bankruptcies, photographs, criminal records, drivers license information, aircraft records, pilot licenses, hunting permits, weapon permits, possible relatives, likely / possible associates, telephone numbers, neighbor information, global watch lists

Potential Assets

Real estate, mortgages, property deeds, liens, foreclosures, property assessments, bankruptcies, vehicle information

Corporate / Business Information

Employers, professional & business affiliations / licenses, UCC filings

Social Media

Websites, e-mail addresses


War Stories from the Trenches

Below are selected case experience examples, related to our past Investigations, by industry.  For additional case experience, please refer to Forensic, Intelligence, Expert Witness and Risk / Controls.

Healthcare & Hospitals

Check Theft or Counterfeiting

Investigation of the interception, diversion and counterfeiting of a vendor check for more than $1.5 million from a healthcare corporation with more than 100 locations. Performed fraud risk / controls / process assessment and background checks / reports, conducted interviews of company employees, prepared flowcharts depicting trail of cash transactions, nationwide and to the Middle East.

Government /

Public Corruption, Change Order Abuse, Overspent Contracts

Forensic accounting / investigation of governmental contractors, for contracts totaling nearly $60 million. In connection / coordination / response to Federal Grand Jury subpoena, investigated budget over-runs, change order abuse, work performed beyond scope / specifications, substandard quality work, work performed and not paid for, performing work without a task order, emergency sole source contracts and preferential vendor treatment.

Government / Illegal Narcotics Trafficking

Money Laundering

In connection with the arrest of more than 20 known members of an illegal narcotics trafficking cartel, retained by United States Attorney for investigation and forensic accounting analysis of money laundering, from funds allegedly received from narco-trafficking operations. Subjects of investigation convicted, sentenced and imprisoned.

Insurance /
Family Office

Self-Dealing, Embezzlement, Employee Theft & Abuse

Investigation / forensic accounting of embezzlement of more than $230,000 by controller for family office of the CEO of a global insurance provider. Fraudulent transactions included use of business credit card and direct transfers of funds to accounts, all for personal benefit. Referred matter to FBI / U.S. Attorney for prosecution, resulting in guilty plea by subject of investigation.


Self-Dealing, Embezzlement, Employee Theft & Abuse

Investigation / forensic accounting for counsel to non-profit organization. Conducted interviews, performed background checks and prepared forensic analysis involving fictitious charitable contributions and payments to related party entities, for self-dealing / personal benefit of CEO and CFO of organization.

Healthcare & Hospitals / Higher Learning /

Inflated Revenue, Falsified Commissions & Bonuses

Investigation of accounting treatment for revenue, which resulted in the payout of more than $1 million in management bonus compensation. Conducted more than 30 investigative interviews of senior level employees of a public university and hospital.

Technology & Communications

Self-Dealing, Embezzlement, Employee Theft & Abuse

Investigation of the Chief Financial Officer of multi-national computer accessories company for embezzlement of $25 million. Assisted U.S. Attorney, FBI, and IRS in forensic analysis for criminal indictment, which included 15 counts of wire fraud, and 10 counts of money laundering. Also advised investment banking firm in calculation of civil damages and financial restatement.

Banking &
Financial Services

Self-Dealing, Embezzlement, Employee Theft & Abuse

Investigation of former directors of the Brazilian subsidiary of a Fortune 25 American bank, for embezzlement of $32 million. Performed financial analysis and prepared expert witness affidavit for counsel. Affidavit was later used in prosecution of the case by law enforcement authorities in Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and Bahamas.

Healthcare & Hospitals / Construction

Kickbacks, Overspent Contracts, Self-Dealing, Embezzlement, Employee Theft & Abuse

Investigation of the former Vice President of a privately-owned hospital, for using the hospital’s capital projects fund to construct his personal residence, at a cost of approximately $900,000, and a total estimated theft of $1.9 million. In addition to assisting legal counsel with civil aspects of the case, worked in conjunction with state and local law enforcement, to prepare the case for criminal prosecution, and arrest of co-conspirators.

Hospitality &

Self-Dealing, Embezzlement, Employee Theft & Abuse

Investigation of former Chief Executive Officer of a publicly traded gaming corporation, for misappropriation and misuse of company assets, in anticipation of shareholder litigation. Chief Executive Officer resigned soon thereafter.


Financial Transaction Card Fraud

Investigation of embezzlement of funds using business credit cards and fraudulent use of accounts payable system by former accounting clerks. Provided report to District Attorney for criminal prosecution, resulting in convictions.


Self-Dealing, Embezzlement, Employee Theft & Abuse / Workplace Violence

Investigation of embezzlement, forgery, and risk of workplace violence. Coordinated with forensic handwriting examiner.