We are forensic experts, providing unique and customized expert advisory services for each client.

Expert Witness Services
Forensic and investigative services uncover occupational fraud and abuse, from asset misappropriation to bribery and corruption and money laundering. Some cases require us to provide dispute analysis and litigation support, and we have extensive experience serving as expert witnesses. Visit here for full details on our expert witness services.

Fraud Risk & Internal Controls Assessment
Sawyer & Company has identified hundreds of process and control weaknesses that can lead to fraud or abuse and recommended operational improvements. We not only identify and evaluate areas of risk, but also recommend management and control systems to minimize and mitigate it in the future. Visit here for full details on our risk and controls services.

We provide risk assessment and fraud awareness training for our clients so they have the tools and knowledge to be proactive in their own enterprises. By setting up fraud prevention programs early on, our clients can increase awareness, institute prevention programs and detect and stop potential fraud schemes before they begin or become fully involved. Visit here for full details on our available training programs.

Contact us for further details and to discuss specifics related to your needs.