A detailed inquiry or
systematic examination;
the finding of the facts and truth


The blending of art with science;
a design of precision,
integrity, confidentiality
and discretion.


Moral power, firmness, or courage


To concentrate attention
or energy with clarity
and sharpness


The state or quality
of being certain.


An innate capability or aptitude;
the ability to act decisively and
correctly without prior anticipation


The gathering or
distribution of information
intellectual acuity


The ability to think and
draw conclusions quickly;
adaptability, in many disciplines
and functions

What We Do

Our services proactively identify risks and provide reactive solutions, when risks are not identified soon enough. Proactively, we offer risk assessment, intelligence analysis and protective services. Reactively, we provide forensic, investigative and expert witness services. Our team combines the skillsets of litigation / prosecution advisors, accountants, private investigators, expert witnesses, risk consultants with intelligence analysts, former elite law enforcement agents and former military special operators.