Moral power, firmness, or courage


The blending of art with science; a design of precision, integrity, confidentiality and discretion.


The ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; adaptability, in many disciplines and functions


To concentrate attention or energy with clarity and sharpness


A detailed inquiry or systematic examination; the finding of the facts and truth


The state or quality of being certain.


An innate capability or aptitude; the ability to act decisively and correctly without prior anticipation


The gathering or distribution of information, intellectual acuity

What We Do

Forensic accountants are a unique breed. A hybrid of certified public accountant, business risk consultant, private investigator and litigation advisor; we look beyond the numbers to uncover the underlying story they tell. Our professionals pull back the curtain on complex transactions and processes to expose potential areas of risk and advise clients on how to minimize this risk within their businesses. We use investigative techniques to reveal fraud, serving as expert witness when such cases go to court.

Our Services

We are forensic experts, providing unique and customized expert advisory services for each client.

Expert Witness Services

Forensic and investigative services uncover occupational fraud and abuse, from asset misappropriation to bribery and corruption and money laundering.

Fraud Risk & Internal Controls Assessment

Sawyer & Company has identified hundreds of process and control weaknesses that can lead to fraud or abuse and recommended operational improvements.


We provide risk assessment and fraud awareness training for our clients so they have the tools and knowledge to be proactive in their own enterprises.


Sawyer & Company has established relationships with a variety of talented service providers, as well as other forensic experts vital to an investigation and recovery effort..